سر البالالم

سر البالالم

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Point of View

In life it is not so important to be strong, but it's to feel strong

Life is like a sea, problems are like waves easy ones you could get through, moderate ones will need some balls to pass, while rough ones will totally wash you out

The trick is you don't have to live forever but live the way you are forever,don't try to change ethics or give up your own identity don't trade who you are for what somebody else's want, be yourself that would make you a better person.

Remember nothing stays forever, neither pain nor pleasure does, I always recall here a lyrical sentence which said:"When the snow hit your skin, the cold won't last forever, but you'll live it again if you don't let seasons change".

you just have to stick with faith and hope that would get you by
Let everything be, give and take in every single detail in your life, don't be strict don't be a closed mind.
Imitate life just try to be a sea, try to get the best out of life, people, yourself, feel pleasure with every breath you take in or out, even in the darkest hour of night.

Even if you're facing the the most unbearable problem ever, take the joy of facing it and feel the courage through your heart and look forward to overcome these tiny details in your life.
You just need to co-exist with faith and hope, they are a clear pathway which will get you through life.

One last thing, remember life isn't the time you spend here on earth, it's the things you add, change or remove in other people's life. Don't end up with your own.

Amr Ghazy